Coloring the Garden State: Exploring the Watercolor Society

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Watercolor painting has been widely popular in the art world for centuries. It is a medium that captures the essence of nature beautifully and has a charm that is hard to resist. One such society that celebrates watercolor paintings is the Watercolor Society of New Jersey. In this article, we will explore this society and its contribution to coloring the Garden State.


1. What is the Watercolor Society of New Jersey?

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2. History and mission of the society

3. Membership details and benefits

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4. Annual exhibitions and shows

5. Workshops, classes, and demos

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6. Recognition and awards for members

7. Future plans and events

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The Watercolor Society of New Jersey (WSNJ) was established in 1938 with a mission to promote watercolor as a fine art medium in the Garden State. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to artist development, education, collaboration, and social networking.

The society has approximately 200 members across various skill levels from beginner to professional artists who are passionate about watercolor painting. The members can avail themselves of many benefits such as access to workshops, classes, demos by talented artists, networking opportunities with fellow artists, art supplies discounts from partnering companies, etc.

WSNJ organizes an annual exhibition every year that showcases some of the best watercolor paintings made by its members. The show features a range of subjects from landscapes to portraits and still life’s making it an event that everyone can enjoy regardless of their taste in art.

In addition to exhibitions, WSNJ also conducts workshops for its members where they can learn new techniques or improve their skills further under guidance by established artists.

WSNJ recognizes its member’s talent with awards like Honorary Life Membership Award or Best-in-Show Award so they can inspire others while also receiving recognition.

The future goals for WSNJ includes expanding outreach programs such as school visits or community projects, continuing education programs for intermediate to advanced artists, and more exhibitions to showcase their member’s talent.

In conclusion, the Watercolor Society of New Jersey has been an active and significant contributor to the art world in the Garden State. The society provides opportunities for artists of all skill levels to improve their abilities and share their love of watercolor painting with others. It is a community that embodies artistry, camaraderie and inspires everyone who comes in contact with it. Do check out their events or sign up for membership if you are passionate about watercolor paintings as much as they are.

2022 Garden State Watercolor Society Annual Member Exhibition
The 2022 GSWS Annual Members Exhibition is showcasing watermedia and non-watermedia paintings by our members. Cheryl Schlenker, our Juror of Awards, has selected among the 173 entries the awards presented. We are donating 10% of our sales proceeds to our long-time exhibition host, the Middletown Arts Center. MAC is a community organization …

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