Stitching Together Community: Garden State Quilters Guild

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The Garden State Quilters Guild is a community of passionate quilters who come together to share their love for quilting, exchange ideas and techniques, and participate in various events and shows. Founded in 1985, the guild has grown to become one of the largest and most active quilting communities in the state of New Jersey. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Garden State Quilters Guild, its history, activities, and impact on the local community.


The Garden State Quilters Guild hosts a variety of activities throughout the year, including regular meetings, workshops, retreats, charity projects, and quilt shows. The meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at various locations in Morris County. During these meetings, members get to socialize with fellow quilters, listen to guest speakers who share their expertise on different quilting topics or techniques.

Workshops are held on Saturdays or Sundays throughout the year. These workshops offer opportunities for members to learn new skills or perfect existing ones by taking classes from experienced instructors. Members can also participate in retreats where they can spend several days working on their projects without interruptions from daily life.

Charity projects are an important component of the guild’s activities. Members work together to create quilts that are donated to local hospitals and charities that help people in need. The guild also organizes an annual quilt show which showcases members’ work as well as incorporates guest vendors selling fabric-related items.


The Garden State Quilters Guild has made a significant impact within its community by fostering creativity through quilting while simultaneously giving back through charitable efforts with hospitals and other organizations in need within their home state of New Jersey.

Through these various endeavors that target both artistic expression as well as altruistic donations of time towards those less fortunate members feel an increased sense of connectedness between themselves most notably when such benefits spread outward beyond individual members into broader communities.


The Garden State Quilters Guild stands as an admirable community for its members who share a love for quilting and extend that passion through charity work. Through regular meetings, workshops, retreats, charity projects and quilt shows the guild provides opportunities for its members to hone their skills and give back to their local community. Its success and impact speak volumes towards the benefits of forming a close-knit quilting-based community centered around creativity, artistry, relationships, and goodwill.

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