Exploring the Artistry of Western Watercolor Society

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Watercolor is a painting technique that involves the use of water-soluble pigments. Watercolor paintings are known for their delicate, transparent quality and are a popular art form in many parts of the world. One such society dedicated to promoting and advancing the artistry of watercolor is the Western Watercolor Society.

Here’s a list that explores the artistry of Western Watercolor Society:

1. History of Western Watercolor Society

The Western Watercolor Society was founded in 1969 by aspiring artists who sought to promote watercolors as an essential form of fine art. It began with just 21 members and has since grown into one of the largest and most influential societies in North America.

2. Artists within Western Watercolor Society

The society comprises a range of artists from well-known professionals to beginners who share a passion for creating watercolors. Many notable artists have been members over the years, including Fealing Lin, Frank Webb, and Judi Betts.

3. Methods/Techniques for Painting with Watercolors

Members of the society use various techniques when creating their artwork such as wet-on-wet, dry-brush, washes, glazes, salt effects, masking fluid, and more.

4. Annual Juried Exhibitions

The Western Watercolor Society holds an annual Juried Exhibition that showcases some of the best artwork created by members across North America; these exhibitions feature diverse subject matter such as landscapes, portraits, abstracts, still-life paintings.

In conclusion,
The Western Watercolor Society provides an excellent platform for artists to showcase their work while promoting and advancing watercolors’ artistic value as an essential form of fine art. With its diverse membership base and annual juried exhibitions showcasing outstanding pieces from various subjects like landscapes, still-life paintings or portraits – there’s no doubt that this group will continue playing an essential role in encouraging creativity within this medium for years to come.

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